Spillver Bullet™ Spill Kit on a Roll

Spillver Bullet™ is a compact, 18-lb. flexible boom that deploys in just seconds to surround outdoor oil spills and prevent them from reaching storm drains and waterways. It is engineered to absorb and contain oil-based leaks and drips while allowing clean rainwater to filter through.

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Spillver Bullet

Spillver Bullet™ Spill Kit on a Roll

FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Spillver Bullet™ Boom for rapid containment and clean-up of oil leaks, drips and spills come rain or shine.

  • Spillver Bullet™ boom absorbs oil from spills while filtering rainwater.
  • Spillver Bullet™ flexible boom fully extends to 100 feet in seconds.
  • Takes up 75% less space.  Its compressed fiber construction allows Spillver Bullet™ to be stored in 1/4 the space of traditional booms and is readily storable in a tight spot on a fuel truck or emergency response vehicle.
  • Weighs 90% less, at only 18 lbs.
  • Is 40 times faster to deploy. One person can easily deploy 100 feet in only 30 seconds. Other booms take two people at least 10 minutes.
  • Saves big bucks by preventing oil spills from spreading into storm drains and waterways.
RECOMMENDED USES:  To absorb hydraulic fluids,
transmission fluids, diesel fuel, motor oils, lubricants, and other hydrocarbons while filtering water at the same time.

DO NOT USE WITH:  Acids and Caustics

ABSORBENCY:   28 gallons per case

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Professionals Rely on Spillver Bullet™

“Spillver Bullet™ is awesome. Not only can we surround and contain an oil-based spill in record time with fewer people, but it also allows clean water to  filter through. It helps save our customers thousands of dollars by preventing oil and fuel spills from spreading, and it reduces the amount of solid and liquid disposal per project.”

– Tim Acri, COO, Environmental Management Specialists


Spillver Bullet™ Spill Kit on a Roll

Item # Description Size Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
SPL014 Spillver Bullet™ Spill Kit on a Roll 5” x 100′ 28 Gal 1 18 lbs  15
Includes:  1 per case, 15 cases per pallet
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