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About Meltblown Technologies’ History, Culture, and Team


Our Leadership

Meltblown Technologies believes in partnership and strategic distribution and relationships that allow us to pull costs from the channel while taking share together. We will continue to innovate and expand the market for our products leading to profitable growth for our customers. We believe that companies are more than the products and services they manufacture and sell. The items we manufacture represent an opportunity for our companies to work together with our mutual customers to provide safe work environments, increase productivity, reduce waste and decrease overall costs. If your current suppliers aren’t living up to these ideals we would appreciate the chance to earn your trust.

Meltblown Technologies manufactures the highest quality of spill control and industrial hygiene products available on the market today in our state of the art facility in Sandersville, Georgia.

Barry G

Barry Greer


Barry Greer began his 45 year sorbent career in 1971 as a marketing representative for the Conwed Corporation in St. Paul, Minnesota. Conwed was the first company to introduce sorbents in the form of pads, rolls, booms and sweeps. In 1977 Barry opened his own sorbent distribution company, Industrial Environmental Products, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Derek Y

Derek Yurgaitis


“Joining MBT has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. It has been an opportunity to build trusting relationships and a return to focus on the customer. So often in large companies they try to be present in every category instead of concentrating on being the best in a few. MBT is very focused and very concerned about fostering long term relationships. It was a natural fit for me.” 

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Scott Bakewell

Scott Bakewell

Vice President of Sales

After serving honorably with the United States Army, Scott started his professional career in the Transportation and Logistics industry with Ryder. While working for Ryder Scott developed an interest in sales and landed in a Fleet Rental/Lease role where he was accountable for commercial growth across lower New England. Scott also spent a short amount of time with AMI leasing in the same capacity.

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Richard F. Glancy

Business Development Manager

Rich spent 21 years with SPC. He started out as a territory manager in the Northeast and moved on to build and expand new territories in the southern United States and in Europe. His primary responsibilities revolved around building distributors end user business through various programs involving brand identity and cost saving initiatives.

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Haary Bedrossian

Harry Bedrossian

Business Development Manager

Harry started his career in the Oil & Chemical Spill Response Industry.  He spent over two years in the field responding to large incidents and operating various mechanical devices, including sorbents for the containment and recovery of some of the largest spills in the early to mid-90’s. He was then given the opportunity to move into a sales role.

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Steve I

Steve Ielasi


In 2015 MBT expanded Steve’s responsibilities from purely financial to monitoring plant efficiency, quality improvements, preventative maintenance, inventory management and Capex all of which are an integral part of our cost reduction program.

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Charles Petrone

Plant Manager

Charles brings over a decade of experience as controller and operations for SPC and Brady. His ability to create and manage functional teams, able to successfully identify and implement continuous improvement programs, has substantially enhanced efficiencies and bottom-line performance at multiple enterprises.

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