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Business Development Manager | Meltblown Technologies

Harry Bedrossian

Harry Bedrossian

Harry Bedrossian

Business Development Manager

Harry, a graduate of the University of Arizona, relocated to New Orleans, LA in 1990 and started his career in the Oil & Chemical Spill Response Industry.  After spending over two years in the field responding to large incidents and operating various mechanical devices including sorbents for the containment and recovery of some of the largest spills in the early to mid-nineties Harry was given the opportunity to move into a sales role. “The opportunity to work hands on in with the products in the field led to my success in my early days of being a salesman.  Knowing how the equipment and products how it actually performed and functioned in the field was key to being able to recommend which equipment and products would work best for a customer’s potential most probable to worst case scenario.”

After spending six years in the Response Industry, Harry went to work for the original founder of MBT, Barry Greer, as the Western North American Regional Manager. “Working for Mr. Greer really helped me in establishing long term relationships and trust between manufacturer and distributor. I learned from Barry to always do what you say and say what you do in order to make sure the distributor and their customer are serviced correctly. Learning that if you are an attentive manufacture and come through when it’s critical for your customer will always keep your company and its brand ‘Top of Mind’ with your distribution network.”

In 2001 the company was sold to New Pig, and Harry looked to join forces with the leaders of the industry at the time and stay on the manufacturing sales side.  That same company is where a majority of the MBT team comes from. “I knew once I got on board I had the opportunity to grow my skills as a salesperson, as well as tap into new channels of industry that I had never sold to in the past.” He re-located back to the Gulf Coast and has been there ever-since. “Over the past decade and a half the landscape of the manufacturer/distribution industry certainly has changed. There are new competitors, new products, and more challenging applications. I’ve seen a lot of consolidation on the manufacturing side to the point where you have companies that sell four, five and even ten different products that do not correlate with one another.  It makes it confusing for the distributor in this climate as I have heard many of them ask themselves….’Are we really getting the most expertise advice from our sales representative or are we just meeting their monthly goal to sell this many of this product line?’ That’s where the disconnect begins in the manufacturer/distribution partnership. Distribution is looking for a partner that is more specialized and passionate about their product line that they manufacture and sell. That’s the type of culture we subscribe to at MBT. We are passionate about what we do and what we sell and solely focused on spill control.  We want to respond with our years of expertise to what our customers’ wants and needs are in order to meet the demands of their customers without a lot of hassle and hoops to jump through. As partners we rely on each other and we feel that at MBT our distributors should utilize us as though we are one more specialized sales person in their arsenal and on their team to win the business when they call on us and sell our brand.”

Harry also has experience in developing global markets.  He has enjoyed success in establishing sales throughout Latin America, Brazil, Europe, and the Asian-Pacific Region.

“The MBT Team would be honored to have the opportunity to partner with your distribution company. Companies are more than the products and services they manufacture and sell. The items we manufacture represent an opportunity for our companies to work together with our mutual customers to provide safe work environments, increase productivity, reduce waste and decrease overall costs. If your current suppliers aren’t living up to these ideals we would appreciate the chance to earn your trust. We manufacture the highest quality spill control and industrial hygiene products available on the market today in our state of the art facility in Sandersville, Georgia. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!