Hear what satisfied customers are saying about Meltblown Technologies:

Specialized and Competent

For us, all of absorbent sales combined are very, very small compared to other sectors of our business, so I can’t afford a small category to be a pain. One of the things that became evident was that for the incumbent, absorbents was also a small category for them. Although they built a new facility, they weren’t doing everything they could to make it seamless. With Meltblown, that’s their only business, and they better do it well, or else they’re done. They don’t have anything else to fall on. So that helped me to say, “I’ve got a specialized supplier and this is all that they do. I’ve got people that I trust. Let’s go for it. And me, professionally, I can worry about the bigger things in my company because I know that will be taken care of.”

Barry Robinson
Safety Products Manager

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Quality Team

Derek is one of the finest people I’ve ever worked with in the industry. He’s one of the deepest integrity character and ethics-based person that I’ve ever known. He’s the kind of person that everyone should want to partner with and someone that I trust without exception. Part of the reason others should be drawn to Meltblown is because of him and the culture that they’re creating there. It’s the group of people that he’s aligned with who share that same vision of culture.


Innovative Products

I’m also intrigued by their product offering. It looks like they are preparing for the future. Regulatory safety is going to continue to get more restrictive and it looks like they’re going to be putting a lot into restriction developments, so I’m intrigued to see what they’re going to do. I think they have a superior lineup right now. I think that some of the details they showed me and some of the testing show that they’re at the top of the industry right now.

Steve Slater
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

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