OSMO: Water Damage Prevention and Flood Control



The new Osmo product line is specially built to protect property from any kind of flood damage. From a small leak to a fairly heavy flooding, Osmo products are made to protect against damage.

Each Osmo product is easy to deploy, making it quick to pick up any spills that may occur.

MBT Water Damage Prevention Brochure download (pdf)

MBT Thirsty Pads are a disposable, super-absorbing, floor pad designed to protect floors and hard surfaces from water based leaks and spills. Ideal for tight spaces, Thirsty Pads can go where buckets can’t. Maintain a clean and dry working or public space with the help of the Thirsty Pad.

The MBT Flood Barrier is a disposable re-usable super absorbent barrier designed to protect homes and businesses from the flow of flood water! The easy to use design and quick to deploy design means it is a great stop-gap solution for long or short-term flash flooding.

Plumber's Pad

MBT Plumber’s Pads are disposable floor pads designed to protect floors and hard surfaces from water based overhead leaks. Perfect for fitting in spaces buckets won’t fit, the Plumber’s Pad can be left in place to absorb a leak and remain unobtrusive.

MBT Thirsty Socks are a disposable absorbent sock designed to absorb and contain water based leaks and spills on floors and hard surfaces. An easy to manipulate and malleable design lets the Thirsty Sock be set around any spill to keep the leak from spreading