New spill product solutions for a clean, safe workplace

You’ve spoken, we’ve listened. We’ve listened to our customers and heard the challenges you are facing. We’ve come up with innovative and effective solutions to meet those challenges head on. Below you will find some of our newest products specifically designed to help you handle any spill and any application.

MBT 2017 product catalog has all the absorbents, spill kits and spill containment products to keep your workplace clean, safe and in compliance. Click here to request an MBT 2017 product catalog.

2017 MBT catalog

MBT Sticky Mat

Make sure your business really STICKS to a floor safety program!

Our XSMB Mat is an industry standard absorbent mat featuring with a sticky backing helps to keep this matting in place, but also allows for easy removal or replacement when no longer needed.

Highly Absorbent – High durability, fast drying and easy to clean. The XSMB mats absorb oil, water and solvents at the same time.

Stays Where You Place it – The XSMB mat with adhesive backing will stay put when applied to a clean surface.

Xtra Tough – It withstands both foot and forklift traffic without shifting, rippling, or bunching; heavyweight, fast drying, and easy to clean.


Meltblown Technologies Transformer Bag Spill Kit

Transformer Bag Kits are an easy, cost effective way to transport and store leaking transformers.
Different sized kits are offered to cover all sized transformers. This spill kit has multiple layers and cord reinforcement resist punctures and tears as well as UV stabilization protects the material from degradation during extended exposure to sunlight. Cold-crack resistance eliminates failures in extremely cold temperatures while flexibility and light weight allow for easy handling and quick installation.Meltblown polypropylene pads are included in each kit to absorb any leaked dielectric fluid.

Spillver oil boom

Spillver Bullet™ Spill Kit on a Roll

Our Spillver Bullet™ spill kit on a roll for rapid containment and clean-up of oil leaks, drips and spills come rain or shine. Spillver Bullet™ boom absorbs oil from spills while filtering rainwater. This flexible boom fully extends to 100 feet in seconds. Its compressed fiber construction allows Spillver Bullet™ to be stored in 1/4 the space of traditional booms and is readily storable in a tight spot on a fuel truck or emergency response vehicle.

At only 18 lbs. it weighs 90% less than traditional booms and is 40 times faster to deploy. One person can easily deploy 100 feet in only 30 seconds. Other booms take two people at least 10 minutes.

The Spillver Bullet™ saves you big bucks by preventing oil spills from spreading into storm drains and waterways.

Spilltration products

New SPILLTRATION™ absorbents designed to work rain or shine.

SPILLTRATION™ absorbents are very different than traditional absorbents. They absorbs oil and filter water. Absorbents are ‘Smooshable’ so they require 300% to 500% less space for storage than competitors. SPILLTRATION™ absorbents are uniquely engineered for superior performance when it’s raining, picking up hydrocarbons 50% faster than traditional absorbents. SPILLTRATION™ – Saves time. Saves money. Protects the environment.

caution mat

New Hi-Visibility Caution Mat

Our new Hi-Vis line of absorbents provide the best protection against slips, trips and falls. Our NEW Caution Mat has the international symbol for slip hazard repeating throughout the product making it ideal for use anywhere from factory to hospitality.

Camouflage Absorbents

New camouflage absorbents hide grime

New camouflage absorbent rolls are the ideal universal absorbent for your facility. Its unique camo pattern design helps had grime from leaks and overspray. As part of our fine fiber series of absorbents, our camouflage absorbent rolls offer strong wicking power while absorbing oils, coolants, solvents, and water.

economy bag kit

New spill kits keep you ready for quick spill response

Our new bagged spill kits are lightweight for quick and easy access when you need to respond at a moment’s notice. These compact kits can be stored just about anywhere: in a cabinet, behind a truck seat, or in stations around your facility. These portable spill kits are filled with all the absorbents you need to handle a small spill fast.

See our complete selection of spill kits to help you respond to small, medium and large spills.

steel spill pallets

New steel spill pallets offer fireproof drum storage

Our new steel two-drum and four-drum spill pallets provide safe storage of your drums. Our steel pallets are fireproof and will NOT melt under fire. Our steel pallets and containment sheds are NFPA 30 & NFC 2010 compliant, meeting spill control requirements for noncombustible devices.