Steel Spill Pallets

Steel Spill Containment Pallets

Steel spill containment pallets provide safe drum storage and will NOT melt under fire. Our steel pallets and containment sheds are NFPA 30 & NFC 2010 compliant, meeting spill control requirements for noncombustible devices. Our steel storage shelter is collapsible providing quick, portable, fireproof containment when needed.

steel spill pallets

Steel spill pallets meet fireproof storage regs

MBT steel containment pallets are the strongest containment pallets on the market. They meet NFPA 30 & NFC 2010 spill control requirements for noncombustible devices. Steel spill containment pallets will NOT melt under fire exposure or fail from normal material handling activities.

Steel Spill pallets get drums off the floor.

  • Complies with government containment regulations
  • Capacity up to 126 gallons of containment
  • 2-drum and 4-drum configuration

Steel Spill Pallet

Item # Description Size (WxLxH) Sump Cap. Load Cap. Pkg Wt
9002-BU 2 drum spill pallet 54″ x 34″ x 14″ 66 Gal 1200 lbs 205 lbs
9004-BU 4 drum spill pallet 54″ x 50″ x 10″ 66 Gal 2400 lbs 270 lbs
1 pallet per unit. 1 unit to pallet.
steel shelters

Collapsible, Fireproof Outdoor Containment Shelters

Our steel outdoor containment shelter collapses down to 22” high for easy storage. Our 6-unit collapsible storage provides quick portable, fireproof containment when needed.

  • 100% Galvanized
  • Red corner casting for durability and handling/ lifting
  • Lockable door
  • Spill containment floor
  • Natural vents

Steel Containment Shelters

Item # Description Size (WxLxH) Sump Cap. Load Cap. Pkg Wt
STSH777 7’ Containment Sheds 7’ x 7’ x 7’ 155 Gal 250 psf 1250 lbs
STSH797 9’ Containment Sheds 7’ x 9’ x 7’ 195 Gal 250 psf 1500 lbs
STSH7127 12’ Containment Sheds 7’ x 12’ x 7’ 250 Gal 250 psf 1850 lbs
1 pallet per unit. 1 unit to pallet.