Meltblown Technologies Transformer Bag Spill Kit

Easily Transport and Store Leaking Transformers

Transformer Bag Kits are an easy, cost effective way to transport and store leaking transformers.
Different sized kits are offered to cover all sized transformers


MBT Transformer Bag Spill Kit

Transformer Bag Spill Kit Features:

  • Multiple layers and cord reinforcement resist punctures and tears.
  • UV stabilization protects the material from degradation during extended exposure to sunlight
  • Cold-crack resistance eliminates failures in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Flexibility and light weight allow for easy handling and quick installation.
  • Meltblown polypropylene pads are included in each kit to absorb any leaked dielectric fluid.

MBT Transformer Bag Spill Kit


Item # Description Bag Size Kits/Box Box/Pallet
MBT-TBK-4080 40″ x 80″ Transformer Bag 40” x 80″ 12 16
MBT-TBK-6090 60″ x 90″ Transformer Bag 60″ x 90″ 8 16
MBT-TBK-8490 84″ x 90″ Transformer Bag 84″ x 90″ 6 16
MBT-TBK-112X2 112″ x 112″ Transformer Bag 112″ x 112″ 4 16

Each Kit includes (2) Meltblown Polypropylene pads that together absorb 2.5 gallons.

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