Emergency Response

Got a spill after hours? No problem.

For emergency service from Meltblown Technologies,
please call our emergency spill hotline at 1-504-300-7253.

This Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • MBT maintains truckloads of spill inventory: Pads, Rolls, Boom, Sweep, and Snare are available to ship immediately
  • For larger spills, our team can quickly ramp up production to meet the needs of any ongoing situation
  • MBT can also provide on-site supply chain management. We work closely with You and your customer to find the most cost-effective and timely deliveries of material. In addition, we can suggest products that help reduce the overall environmental impact of the clean-up efforts.

All emergency shipments will go freight prepaid and any additional charges that carriers may pass on for after-hours, hotshot, overnight, etc., services will be charged to the Distributor, regardless of any freight deals.

emergency spill response