Hi-Visibility Safety Absorbent

Caution Mat is the ideal hi-visibility safety absorbent

caution mat

CAUTION MAT: Hi-Visibility Safety Absorbent

Our new Hi-Vis line of absorbents provide the best protection against slips, trips and falls. Our NEW Caution Mat has the international symbol for slip hazard repeating throughout the product making it ideal for use anywhere from factory to hospitality.

  • Hi-Vis yellow w/caution STF warning
  • Spunbond side is abrasion-resistant, great for foot traffic or heavy-duty wiping applications.
  • Fine fiber side grips smooth surfaces (like cement) to reduce slips, trips & falls.
  • Absorbs most fluids, including oil (hydrocarbon-based fluids), water, glycols, acids and caustics
  • A perforation helps reduce waste.
  • Spunbond-fine fiber composite mats are great dual-purpose sorbents.

Caution Mats – Hi-Vis Absorbents

Item # Description Size Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
General Purpose – Hi-Visibility Yellow (suitable for most industrial applications)
YSMF100-HV Hi-Visibility Caution Pad 15” x18″ 24.4 100 12.5 lbs 30
YSMF200-HV Hi-Visibility Caution Pad 15” x18″ 24.4 200 12.5 lbs 30
YSMF150-HV Hi-Visibility Caution Roll 30” x 150’ 57 1 29.2 lbs 18
YSMF36150-HV Hi-Visibility Caution Roll 36” x 150’ 57 1 29.7 lbs 18
YSMF24150-HV Hi-Visibility Caution Roll 24” x 150’ 37.6 1 19.6 lbs 24