OSMO: Thirsty Sock

Super absorbent barrier to catch and contain leaks.

MBT Thirsty Socks are disposable absorbent socks designed to absorb and contain water-based leaks and spills on floors and hard surfaces. An easy-to-manipulate and malleable design lets the Thirsty Sock be set around any spill to keep the leak from spreading.


  • Highly Visible Design
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Super-Absorbent
  • Durable & Disposable



  • Simply place the PLUMBER’S PAD, THIRSTY PAD, or THIRSTY SOCK beneath the leak or area where you plan to work, with the plastic side away from the source of the water. When still dry, OSMO products are soft and malleable, able to be placed wherever you might need to use them.


  • No need for repeated mopping with Osmo products, each use a super-absorbent polymer that continues to soak up to half a gallon of water per pad, and even more for the socks. Leave the sorbent in place to protect floors and furnishings until the leak is taken care of, with the sorbent swelling with more water.


  • Once a pad or sock is completely saturated, simply throw them in the trash and replace them.
Part Number Description Dimensions Weight Package Abs/Pkg Case Abs/Case
M001-U-FB5F-34 5ft Flood Barrier 4.72 x 39.37 44 lbs 3 2.5 gal 30 72 gal