Walk-on Rugs

Recycled Absorbent Mats and Walk-On Rugs Soak Up Grime Fast

Absorbent mats and rugs for specific applications. Our industrial rugs are made from recycled material. MBT Rag Rug industrial absorbent floor mats are ideal for absorbing the grime from oil, coolants, solvents, and water without looking dirty. MBT’s Industrial Absorbent Rag Rug Mat is able to stand up to high traffic areas so you can use it longer, which saves you money. MBT rag rug absorbent rolls are 150′ long and available in two different widths, 18 inch and 36 inch.

Our needle-punched polypropylene absorbent mat offers extreme durability and is ideal for use in walkways for foot and forklift traffic. It is available in heavyweight and medium-weight absorbent rolls. Our polyback rug provides leak-proof protection to keep floors clean and dry.

Walk-on Absorbent Rag Rug

A natural fiber rug is a blended fabric, consisting of recycled fiber (mostly natural). This stiff material lays well in walkways and absorbs overspray. Its mass of colors hides grease and grime.

  • Perforated, so you use only what you need.
rag rug absorbent mat

Absorbent Rag Rug

Item # Description Size Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
NFR18 18” Blue Heavyweight Rag Rug (Roll) 18” x 150’ 61 Gal 2 50 lbs 12
NFR36 36” Blue Heavyweight Rag Rug (Roll) 36” x 150’ 61 Gal 1 50 lbs 12

Needle-punched Polypropylene Mat

Needle-punched polypropylene is used in walkways for foot and forklift traffic. This fabric is very durable and withstands wear and tear. The edges are normally duct-taped to the floor to anchor it.

Needle Punched Mat
PolyBack Mat

Needle-punched Absorbent Mat

Item # Description Size Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
Black Needle Punched Absorbent Rolls
NP08-18300 Black Needle-punched Mediumweight Roll 18” x 300’ 79.3 Gal 2 50 lbs 12
NP08-36300 Black Needle-punched Mediumweight Roll 36” x 300’ 79.3 Gal 1 50 lbs 12
NP16-18150 Black Needle-punched Heavyweight Roll 18” x 150’ 79.3 Gal 2 50 lbs 12
NP16-36150 Black Needle-punched Heavyweight Roll 36” x 150’ 79.3 Gal 1 50 lbs 12
Polyback Rug
PB36100 Polyback Mediumweight Rug 36” x 100’ 25 Gal 1 24 lbs 40