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Here you’ll find detailed product information on many different products we sell. These links will help you better understand how our products are used, in what capacity they are used, what information you will need to gather before selecting the right products and all the proper OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations that these products help you comply with.

Selection Guides and Charts

Here, you’ll find helpful reference charts and selection guides to quickly choose the right absorbents, spill kits, spill pallets, spill decks that help keep your workplace clean, safe and in compliance. Easily determine the best MBT product for your specific application with one of our handy, quick reference guides.

Select the Right Absorbent

This helpful reference chart will assist you in choosing the right absorbent to use, based on the type and amount of liquid to be absorbed, the strength you need, and the packaging you want.

Select the Right Spill Kit

MBT Spill Kits keep you prepared to handle any type of spill. Look at our easy to use selection chart to determine the right spill response kit for your specific application. MBT Spill Kits provide everything you need to keep you workplace safe, clean and in compliance.

Select the Right Spill Pallet

Not sure which spill pallet or deck you need? MBT Spill Pallets provide excellent secondary containment for drums. Look at our easy to use selection guide to determine the right deck or pallet to meet you needs. Whether you need a taller pallet with greater sump capacity or a lower profile spill pallet for easy loading and unloading, MBT has what you’re looking for to keep you workplace safe, clean and in compliance.

MSDS and Reference Sheets

Here you will find a listing of MSDS product information for MBT products. We want to provide you with all the necessary information you will need before selecting the right products, as well as all the proper OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations that these products help you comply with.
If you need msds information that is not listed below, please call customer support at 800.259.7111

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Oil Only Absorbents

Universal Absorbents

Cellulose Socks

Polymeric Socks

Oil Shammy Absorbent

Rag Rugs

Husky Pads, Strips and Rugs

Xtra Sticky Adhesive Mats

OSMO Flood Barriers, Thirsty Pads, Thirsty Socks, Plumber’s Pads


Clean and Dry Floor Conditions In Every Work Room. – 1910.22(a)(2)
The floor of every workroom shall be maintained in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition. Where wet processes are used, drainage shall be maintained, and false floors, platforms, mats, or other dry standing places should be provided where practicable.

These MBT products help  you comply: Universal absorbents, Oil Only Absorbents, Hazmat Absorbents, Absorbent Socks

Marine Oil Spill Response – 40 CFR 300
Marine oil spill responses are organized and managed according to the regulations found in 40 CFR 300, the National Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP). These regulations describe the procedures for responding to hazardous substance releases and oil discharges. Appendix E of the regulation specifically addresses oil spill response.

OSHA is responsible for assuring safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women. During marine oil spill response, OSHA provides advice and consultation at the request of other government agencies. If necessary, OSHA uses enforcement action to assure that workers are properly protected.

 These MBT products help  you comply: Marine Oil Sorbents, Containment Booms

Secondary Containment: Spill Pallets and Spill Decks To Meet 40 CFR 264.175
The primary regulation covering containment is EPA 40 CFR 264.175. This regulation requires that the containment system must have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the volume of containers or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater.

MBT supplies secondary drum spill containment decks and pallets in high or low profile configurations for all of your oil and hazardous chemical drum storage needs. We also carry ramps to provide easy access. Many of our spill decks and pallets are also modular, meaning that you can connect them to provide extra storage space, safely.

These MBT products help  you comply: Poly Spill Pallets, Steel Spill Pallets