Marine Absorbents

Marine Absorbents Contain Oil Spills on Water

Our MBT marine absorbents are available to help you clean up or contain oil spills on water. Absorbent and containment booms will soak up oil or create a barrier in holding ponds to retain waste and debris. Marine absorbent sweeps and pillows will help skimming operations by effectively removing surface oil from the water. Oil nets and drag nets will help you absorb oil between two boats or they can be deployed along a shoreline. Marine absorbent products are made for high absorbency and rapid deployment in demanding emergency situations.

marine absorbents

Oil Spill Booms and Sweeps

MBT absorbent booms are used to surround oil spills on the surface of water. They absorb and contain spilled hydrocarbons while repelling water. MBT oil absorbent sweeps are used to remove the final sheen off a marine-based oil spill. Oil sweeps easily attach to boats, then are swept across the spill picking up oil left on the waters surface. Oil spill pom poms are flat, chemical resistant absorbents that float on the water to entrap heavy oil. Pom pom sorbents are reusable after draining or dousing and extracted oil can be recycled or downgraded as fuel oil.

Oil Containment Boom Application

Containment Booms

Containment booms stop oil spills from spreading by keeping the oil contained to a small area. MBT booms are a cost-effective containment solution for oil spills on water.

Containment booms are used in a variety of applications such as barriers in holding ponds to retain waste and debris. The contractor boom is ideal for use in rivers and streams where fast currents may exist, which require a strong and manageable containment boom.