Granular Absorbents

Granular Absorbents

Our MBT granular absorbents are multi-purpose sorbents that are ideal for spill clean up, lab packing and stabilization of free liquids. Loose absorbents help keep your facility floor surfaces clean, safe and dry. Granular absorbents provide oil spill and other liquid clean-up options. MBT granular absorbents are both all-natural granular oil sorbents as well as bio-degradable absorbents.

oil gator loose absorbent

Oil Gator Granular Absorbentoil gator loose absorbent

All natural biodegradable absorbent with microbes.  It is a recycled waste product that contains naturally occurring microorganisms and nutrients. Oil Gator loose absorbent captures 2-6 times its weight in oil and it will not harm the environment. Oil Gator stops leaching of contaminants into the soil and groundwater.

Oil Gator All Natural Absorbent

Item # Description Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
OG-30 All natural granular absorbent 14.6 Gal 1 30 lbs 60
sphag sorb loose absorbent

Sphag Sorb Sphag-sorb loose absorbent

Sphag Sorb is a super absorbent organic compound that is used to clean up oil, gas, diesel fuel, solvents, paints, glycol and organic chemical spills. Peat is a highly porous material with greater absorption capacity than other common absorbents.

Sphag Sorb Organic Compound Absorbent

Item # Description Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
SS-18 Sphagnum peat moss 17.6 Gal 1 18 lbs 50


Gran-sorb all-purpose loose granular absorbent can safely absorb oils, solvents, lubricants, coolants, water, and most non-aggressive liquids on contact

  • Dust free, safe, and clean to use
  • Cleans up easily, absorbs on contact, and leaves no stain
  • Non-abrasive & non-scouring, which helps extend equipment and floor life
  • Wind resistant: effective for outdoor clean-up
  • Easy for disposal and incineration

Gransorb All- Purpose Absorbent

Item # Description Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
GRANSORB All-purpose absorbent 4 Gal 1 30 lbs 65