Oil Only Sorbents Absorb Oil, Not Water

Industrial oil-only pads and rolls that selectively absorb oil (hydrocarbon based fluids) and repels water. MBT oil sorbents are available in four types: standard, dimpled, fine fiber, and spunbond. Each oil only sorbent comes in pads for smaller areas around equipment, under machinery and rolls for larger areas.

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Fine Fiber Dimpled Oil Only Sorbents

Meltblown fine fiber oil only sorbents have a soft, super-sorbent fiber that resembles tissue paper. We thermally bond a thin layer to each side of our standard, coarse-fiber, meltblown polypropylene. Its most common application is for air and liquid filtration, but we use it as a covering for various absorbent composites. They absorb quickly, remove the sheen, and grip cement floors.

Fine Fiber Oil Only Pads and Rolls (Blue or White)

Item # Description Size Abs/Pkg Pkg Qty Pkg Wt Pallet Qty
BFMF100 Blue Fine Fiber Heavyweight Pads 15” x 18″ 25.2 Gal 100 11.5 lbs 30

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