Helpful Training Tips

3D Virtual Plant tour instructions:

  • Click on arrow in the floor to get started
  • Click full screen box, lower right for best view
  • Click on “L” lower left to get floor plan view of facility or simply click on facility floor, “doll house” and “floor plan” view
  • To find specific product applications click upper left drop down arrow, click on specific application will take you directly to that application on the plant floor
  • You can also click directly on to the plant floor to start navigating as well

Once on virtual plant floor:

  • Use left mouse to navigate around plant floor
  • Or follow and click white circle to walk through virtual floor
  • Or double click to any spot in virtual plant floor
  • Hold left mouse to rotate around facility 360 degrees
  • Use mouse wheel to get close or pull back

Quick tips when navigating virtual facility:

  • Click red bulls eye to give you a description of product in application, some are short video descriptions. Takes a few seconds for video to load
  • Click green bulls eye to take you to MBT web page of that product for more information, ‘x” out going back to plant floor.
  • You can always go back to “L” lower left for full floor plan view and start again
  • Wide screen, lower right gives you the best view
  • You can always click, from anywhere, upper left arrow for drop down menu and specific sorbent applications

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